Simplifying the business-side of healthcare.


Eliminate waste, improve care:

triValence offers a transformational solution, enabling ASCs to optimize payments and supply chain performance while providing actionable data insights.

The triValence Solution


Increasing user engagement

for nurses, surgical techs, providers, supply chain, finance, administration, suppliers, and sales reps. We will put this technology into the hands of all stakeholders. 


Enhancing communication

and interactivity between stakeholders to empower dynamic real-time procurement, inventory, and supply chain change management.


Delivering a simplified technology platform

that produces a highly functional and easy-to-use product. 


Providing analytics

to dramatically increase a leader’s ability to manage their P2P and overall supply chain strategies through intuitive real-time data and advanced predictive analytics.

Industry Challenges

As margin pressures increase, traditional methods to improve margins through cost reductions in labor and supply costs will meet with less success. ASC leaders and operators will need to find alternative ways to reduce cost, maximize resource utilization, and improve cash management.

triValence is reimagining the dysfunctional B2B healthcare payments ecosystem by building the next-gen infrastructure for complex B2B supply chain management, payment automation and data science.



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